Galit’s Mushroom and Cheese Tarts

Galit's Mushroom and Cheese Tarts
Galit made her Mushroom and Cheese Tarts the other day. Kath Wattam, who was visiting, said “Galit’s mushroom pastries are *SO GOOD*. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better combination of mushrooms, pastry and eggs, and I’ve tried a lot of them.”

Onion Gravy for Bangers and Mash

Onion Gravy for Bangers and Mash
I’ve lived in the Uk for 16 years now and I quite like the British classic, Bangers and Mash. This is sausages and potato puree served with an onion gravy. Sausages and puree I could already do, but I needed a recipe for the gravy. This one combines a couple that I looked at on ...

BBQ Beer Can Chicken

I got my Weber Kettle BBQ from the Sunshine Garden Centre. And that is also where I got this recipe.

South-East Asian BBQ Chicken

South-East Asian BBQ Chicken
Charcoal grilled chicken can be found from street vendors all over South-east Asia. I’d thought I’d try making some myself. 

Galit’s Chicken and Potato in the Oven

Galit's Chicken and Potato in the Oven
Galit bought some chicken and potato for Saturday lunch. I wasn’t too inspired that day so Galit knocked up quite a tasty meal from her head.

BBQ Grilling Times

BBQ Grilling Times
I’ve got a mate and his son staying at the moment. They quite like BBQ so we did a big cook up. I wanted to have all my notes for BBQ in one place, mainly cooking times, so here they are. All times assume turning the ingredient over half way through. I’ve got a Weber ...

Egyptian Sofrito

Sandy was married to an Israeli of Egyptian origin and learnt how to cook Sofrito from his family. Serve with Egyptian Rice.

Eti’s Pizza

Galit grew up thinking all Pizzas were vegetarian, and in our household that is true. I got the recipe from Eti Wainer-Iluz. One of Galit’s favourites – both Eti and the Pizza. 

Steak with Honey, Thyme and Mustard Glaze

I had a hankering for steak. Although the recipe is for pan fried steak I have also cooked the steak on the BBQ. That meant I didn’t get the residue in the pan, but I got the BBQ effect. Very tasty.

Tunisian Pot Roast (Tsli)

Robert and Marie sometimes serve up a very tender shoulder of beef for big family lunches.