Basic Bread

Basic Bread
I love bread and make bread quite a lot. This is my basic recipe if I want to eat bread the same day I start making it. Pizza bases are probably our most common variation. Focaccia is Galit’s favourite bread variation including chopped fresh basil in the dough and sea salt sprinkled over the top. ...

Eti’s Pizza

Galit grew up thinking all Pizzas were vegetarian, and in our household that is true. I got the recipe from Eti Wainer-Iluz. One of Galit’s favourites – both Eti and the Pizza. 


Having mastered the French style Pain de Campagne I thought I’d move on to another sour dough – the Italian Ciabatta. I picked this style of bread because it is meant to be very light and airy, and ultimately I’m aiming for Maltese Bread which is also light and airy. Because you’re aiming for light ...

Bread with Antipasti

A friend of mine, Gitit Wainer, did a cooking course and sent through a few recipes. This one is kind of like a pizza pie with antipasti. 

Roman Chicken

For some reason we started going to a lot of Italian restaurants when we moved to the UK. I developed a liking for the Italian mains. This is my version of Roman chicken.

Minestrone Soup

I adapted this from an Israel cookbook, translated from Hebrew. Then tweaked – as I do. The quantity is a meal for 6-8 people. The original recipe used dried beans, but I’m lazy, but not so lazy that I use bought stock – made my own.

Mascarpone and Tomato Sauce

Fantastic and so simple to make. When used with Gnocchi it serves about 3, in which case also serve with with Rocket Salad and fresh Bread.  

Beans Fried In Cheese

Interesting combination of cheese and beans. Serve with Spaghetti alla Putanesca.  

Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

“Spaghetti as a whore would make it”. Yum. Sharp. We make it a lot. Wendy recommends serving it with beans fried in cheese.