Couscous is basically a North African pasta. I spent a day watching Marie make couscous the traditional way. None of this quick cooking stuff. 3 minute couscous doesn’t cut it for Marie. She made the couscous from scratch. As a side effect of making the couscous you also end up with a soup. The couscous ...

Exotic Noodle Salad

Joan served this up to us on a beautiful summers day in New Zealand. Fresh and zingy, and very satisfying. It has become a favourite of ours during the brief British summers.

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

“Spaghetti as a whore would make it”. Yum. Sharp. We make it a lot. Wendy recommends serving it with beans fried in cheese.  

Fish Pasta

Jane and Dave had similar recipes for fish with pasta. Both simple, fast, filling. This is a combination of the recipes they used plus a few tweaks of my own.