The ‘Perfect’ Gin and Tonic

Paul from the Man Cave kindly gave me permission to repost his ‘perfect’ GnT. 

Blueberry Daiquiri

The main ingredients of a daiquiri is rum and lime juice. This one is a favourite of Fiona Masters.

Montego Surprise – Otherwise Known as “Joan’s Ruin”

A fabulous cocktail which was the highlight of my leaving party from New Zealand. Joan Prentice was serving it all night. We called it “Joan’s Ruin” and “Joan’s Revenge” but Joan told me its real name is “Montego Surprise”. The recipe and words are Joan’s.

West Indian Rum Punch

The staple drink at my leaving party from New Zealand, and, apparently of parties in Jamaica. Joan was in charge of this offering and the recipe is hers.

B52 – Putting Cointreau to Good Use

Peter Hodges introduced me to B52. We were setting off to walk the Routeburn Track in New Zealand during October (i.e. late winter) and we decided we needed something warming in the evening. Peter made up a hip flask of B52 which saw us, and some English tourists, right. Given I get lots of Cointreau ...

Carol’s Mulled Wine

One day a guy turned up for a dinner party at my place with 20 litres of homemade wine in a giant plastic container. The wine was quite good actually but once the container was opened the wine started going off. As it soured we starting using it for mulled wine – a task Bernard ...