Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies

Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies
We had people coming over during Passover (Pesach) and my wife wanted to make something sweet. The no flour no rising agent thing posed some challenges but she came up with this recipe. It stunned us all. Yum.

“Hedgehog” Almond Cookies

Galit has been into baking recently and made these Almond Cookies. She nick named them “Hedgehogs” because of the spiky look. Beware, not the spines, but the taste … they are very more-isa.

Mini Coconut Financiers / Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco

Mini Coconut Financiers / Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco
Galit wanted something Kosher for Passover and asked Karine Vigaelles for advice. Karine suggested “Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco” off her site, but substituting almond powder for flour. A great success. Very moist and light; a delightful contrast to common fare at passover.

Wheat Free Pancakes

Galit was put on a wheat free diet for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately this overlapped with Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), so I was forced to invent a wheat free pancake. These were quite successful, although more fragile than the wheat based version. Makes about 8 pancakes.

Savoury Mini-Muffins

We’ve made these a couple of times as a starter. They look and taste great. They also have the advantage that they’re gluten free as they lack wheat. In both recipes the vegetables and eggs provide the bulk. Each recipe makes 12 mini-muffins, which is convenient as mini-muffin trays usually hold 24. If you don’t ...

Conventional and BBQ Menu 2

My Weber Charcoal Kettle BBQ has seen a bit of action this summer. This menu is a more elaborate buffet which we thought was nicely balanced. Only a small portion was on the BBQ. One of the guests has Celiac, so much of this was gluten free (indicated by *). As it happens the only ...