Basic Bread

Basic Bread
I love bread and make bread quite a lot. This is my basic recipe if I want to eat bread the same day I start making it. Pizza bases are probably our most common variation. Focaccia is Galit’s favourite bread variation including chopped fresh basil in the dough and sea salt sprinkled over the top. ...

Fricassee – Traditional fried bread from Tunisia 1

Fricassee - Traditional fried bread from Tunisia
Fricassees are a traditional dish from Tunisia. Marie makes them every now and then for me as a treat. They are the real Tunisian sandwich before modern health consciousness replaced the fried bread with baguettes. This is just the recipe for the bread. The filling is the same as in any Tunisian sandwich, i.e. tuna, ...

Israeli Pastry for Quiche, Tarts, etc

Apparently this is a classic Israeli recipe. It is dead simple. Galit uses the same pastry for both quiches and a fantastic date biscuit.

Egyptian Sofrito

Sandy was married to an Israeli of Egyptian origin and learnt how to cook Sofrito from his family. Serve with Egyptian Rice.

Egyptian Rice

Sandy was married to an Israeli of Egyptian origin and learnt how to cook rice from his family. 

Tunisian Pot Roast (Tsli)

Robert and Marie sometimes serve up a very tender shoulder of beef for big family lunches.

Paprika Chicken Drumsticks

Paprika Chicken Drumsticks
Another tasty dish served for lunch at the Haviv’s.

Paprika Chicken Wings

Paprika Chicken Wings
I make this dish a lot for my own family. Galit’s mum, Marie, taught it to me.   We always serve it with Ptitim or “pasta rice” as my daughter calls it. More formally: Ptitim is an Israeli toasted pasta shaped like rice or little balls. Outside of Israel, it is known as Israeli couscous ...

Marie’s Chicken and Potato on the Hob

Marie served this to me late one night. It was left over from a meal the previous day. But it was so good I asked her to make it again. The fresh version was just as good. 

Michal’s Pot Roast (Tsli)

Michal made this for us when we were on holiday in Cornwall together. Very tasty.