Onion Gravy for Bangers and Mash

Onion Gravy for Bangers and Mash
I’ve lived in the Uk for 16 years now and I quite like the British classic, Bangers and Mash. This is sausages and potato puree served with an onion gravy. Sausages and puree I could already do, but I needed a recipe for the gravy. This one combines a couple that I looked at on ...

Cheese Sauce

Simple but tasty recipe that can form that basis for a dish of vegetables or pasta, either on hob or baked in the oven.

Red Curry Paste

If you don’t have some commercial curry paste available then it is pretty simple to make it yourself … if you have the ingredients. This makes just two tablespoons of red curry paste. Perfect for Gaeng Panang Gai: Thai Chicken and Peanut Curry.  

Creole Sauce

Creole sauce is based on tomatoes, Cajun vegetables (onion, capsicum, celery) and, of course, hot pepper sauce to give it a bit of kick. It is good with fish (poached or grilled), chicken (roast, poached or grilled), roast duck, roast pork, pork chops, vegetables, rice or pasta. The sauce will last up to a week ...

Mustard Cream Sauce

I first made Mustard Sauce with Chicken but this sauce is also good with steak. This recipe will make enough sauce for about four people.  

Roux – For Thickening Sauces with Flour and Oil

Roux is a mainstay of Cajun and Creole cooking being used to flavour, thicken and colour many sauces and dishes, e.g. Gumbo. Traditionally roux is cooked very slowly on low heat, sometimes for hours, but cooking times can be reduced by using higher temperatures. To achieve success you need a long handled wooden spoon, a ...

Bone Sucking Sauce

A while ago Dave Kenny brought a jar of “Bone Sucking Sauce” over from the US. I thought it was yum, can’t buy it in the UK, and decided to recreate it from scratch. A quick google, conversion to metric measurements, reduction in time to prepare, and modification to match ingredients in our cupboards resulted ...

Honey Soy Sauce / Marinade

Depending on the ingredients and proportions this recipe can be anything from a Japanese teriyaki through to a Chinese Honey Braised Soy Chicken. I have also used it for Honey Soy Beef with Sesame Seeds. It can be used as either a sauce or a marinade.  

Peanut Sauce (Satay Sauce)

I love peanut sauce and use it on meat (Satay), on salads (Gado Gado), and even in sandwiches. I’ve been making it for years, but never quite got the effect I found in authentic Thai, Malaysian or Indonesian restaurants. So I studied several of my south-east Asian cook books and came up with this amalgam ...

Mascarpone and Tomato Sauce

Fantastic and so simple to make. When used with Gnocchi it serves about 3, in which case also serve with with Rocket Salad and fresh Bread.