Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies

Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies
We had people coming over during Passover (Pesach) and my wife wanted to make something sweet. The no flour no rising agent thing posed some challenges but she came up with this recipe. It stunned us all. Yum.

Monkey Bread – Also known as Monkey Brains

Monkey Bread - Also known as Monkey Brains
Galit showed me this recipe just as I told a friend that I’d eat anything, even monkey brains. These two incidents might not appear related however Monkey Bread has some alternative names including, you guessed it, Monkey Brains. Also Bubble Loaf, Sticky Bread and Pinch Me Loaf. Monkey Bread is an American favourite dating from ...

Beignet: New Orleans Donuts

Beignet: New Orleans Donuts
My five year old daughter (Dana) was watching the Disney movie Princess and the Frog and asked me to make Beignets. These donuts are a speciality of Tiana, the princess in the story, and of New Orleans in general. The word Beignet is pronounced bey-YAY, is French in origin and means fritter.  

Creole Sauce

Creole sauce is based on tomatoes, Cajun vegetables (onion, capsicum, celery) and, of course, hot pepper sauce to give it a bit of kick. It is good with fish (poached or grilled), chicken (roast, poached or grilled), roast duck, roast pork, pork chops, vegetables, rice or pasta. The sauce will last up to a week ...

Cajun Spice Mix

This spice mix is used to flavour both Cajun and Creole dishes, e.g. Gumbo. The recipe makes about 1 cup. References Kelly, D. (1993). Creole and Cajun Cooking. Australia: Ken Fin Books. Passmore, J. (1992). Step-by-Step Cajun Cooking. Sydney: Murdoch Books.

Gumbo Chicken

Gumbo is a Cajun hot-pot. The derivation for the name “Gumbo” is gombo, n’gombo, and/or kin, all west African names for okra. Not all Gumbos include okra, but when used it thickens the sauce and adds a slightly gelatinous texture. Gumbo always includes Cajun vegetables (onion, capsicum, celery), Roux and hot pepper sauce. I don’t ...

Roux – For Thickening Sauces with Flour and Oil

Roux is a mainstay of Cajun and Creole cooking being used to flavour, thicken and colour many sauces and dishes, e.g. Gumbo. Traditionally roux is cooked very slowly on low heat, sometimes for hours, but cooking times can be reduced by using higher temperatures. To achieve success you need a long handled wooden spoon, a ...

Chicken in Bone Sucking Sauce

Yum. You’ll have had to prepare some Bone Sucking Sauce before starting.

Gooey Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie but gooey, with chocolate. 🙂