Honey Soy Chicken

Depending on the ingredients and proportions this recipe can be anything from a Japanese teriyaki through to a Chinese honey braised soy chicken. Whatever the consistency you’ll end up with a sweet sticky chicken delight. You will need to prepare the Honey Soy Sauce / Marinade.

Bread with Antipasti

A friend of mine, Gitit Wainer, did a cooking course and sent through a few recipes. This one is kind of like a pizza pie with antipasti. 

Savoury Mini-Muffins

We’ve made these a couple of times as a starter. They look and taste great. They also have the advantage that they’re gluten free as they lack wheat. In both recipes the vegetables and eggs provide the bulk. Each recipe makes 12 mini-muffins, which is convenient as mini-muffin trays usually hold 24. If you don’t ...

Stuffed Mushrooms

Fiona Masters introduced me to stuffed mushrooms a long time ago. She used Cottage Cheese and garlic, with optional Soy Sauce and/or Peanut Butter. Subsequently I went for yellow cheese (cheddar mixed with some parmesan). as it gives more flavour and produces less water. My favourite flavour combination is Tapenade, Dijon Mustard and Fresh Basil. 

Guacamole (Avocado Dip)

Manolito’s was a Tex-Mex restaurant in my home town and Sue Dempsey smuggled out a couple of recipes. Their Guacamole was okay, but not great, which I blame on the sour cream they added (300 grams of it). Without the sour cream it was better. With a bit more garlic and a dash of lemon ...

Chile Con Queso (Chilli with Cheese)

Manolito’s was a Tex-Mex restaurant in my home town. Sue Dempsey smuggled out a couple of recipes. Chile Con Queso literally means chilli with cheese. This recipe is yum, but rich. Very rich. 

Cobb Loaf Dip

Marie Hodges served this up at one of my dinner parties. Fattening but yum. 

Bolanee – Afghani Green Vegetable Fried Pie

As with all my Afghani recipes, this one came from Roqiah. Serve with any kind of meat, or fried eggs. To be honest it was too oily for me.

Chicken Niblets (Wings)

Very yum. Party snack, or serve with rice tossed with fried mushrooms. I even made a Kosher version for Pesach lunch.

Spicy Pickled Onions

I grew up on pickled onions. I could, as a child, eat a whole jar in one sitting. It helped that my mum made bottles and bottles of them every year. This recipe came from Jane Bray. It is a bit different from my mums, have a hint of chilli. Makes it quite sharp.