Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies

Kosher for Pesach Double Chocolate Muffins Brownies
We had people coming over during Passover (Pesach) and my wife wanted to make something sweet. The no flour no rising agent thing posed some challenges but she came up with this recipe. It stunned us all. Yum.

Pomegranate Honey Bread Rolls

Pomegranate Honey Bread Rolls
My wife introduced me to this recipe.  Bread rolls in the shape of pomegranates. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah.  They’ll become a regular event for us.  I’ve taken the liberty to change the original recipe to use weights … I find weights give better consistency for bread products. 

“Hedgehog” Almond Cookies

Galit has been into baking recently and made these Almond Cookies. She nick named them “Hedgehogs” because of the spiky look. Beware, not the spines, but the taste … they are very more-isa.

Mini Coconut Financiers / Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco

Mini Coconut Financiers / Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco
Galit wanted something Kosher for Passover and asked Karine Vigaelles for advice. Karine suggested “Minis Financiers À La Noix De Coco” off her site, but substituting almond powder for flour. A great success. Very moist and light; a delightful contrast to common fare at passover.

Potato Latkes

Avichai Eisinger was coming to stay at Hanukah and he likes potatoes. So we asked his mum, Leah, what to make.

Egyptian Sofrito

Sandy was married to an Israeli of Egyptian origin and learnt how to cook Sofrito from his family. Serve with Egyptian Rice.

Tunisian Pot Roast (Tsli)

Robert and Marie sometimes serve up a very tender shoulder of beef for big family lunches.

Marie’s Chicken and Potato on the Hob

Marie served this to me late one night. It was left over from a meal the previous day. But it was so good I asked her to make it again. The fresh version was just as good. 

Michal’s Pot Roast (Tsli)

Michal made this for us when we were on holiday in Cornwall together. Very tasty.

Sofrito – Slow Cooking Meat in Little Oil and Water

Avichay Eisenger took us to a small restaurant in the Ben Yehuda market in Jerusalem that specialises in slow cooked food. I had Sofrito and it was wow. I’ve been trying to master it ever since.   References Ansky, S. (2000). The Food of Israel: Authentic Recipes from the Land of Milk and Honey. Periplus ...