Minestrone Soup

I adapted this from an Israel cookbook, translated from Hebrew. Then tweaked – as I do. The quantity is a meal for 6-8 people. The original recipe used dried beans, but I’m lazy, but not so lazy that I use bought stock – made my own.

Brazilian Black Beans

Brazilian standard from Marina Gomes. Traditional black beans include some form of meat, but you can omit this. Tasty. Serve with rice.

Beans Fried In Cheese

Interesting combination of cheese and beans. Serve with Spaghetti alla Putanesca.  

Hummus bi Tahina

Having lived in Australia for a few years I got used to having Hummus readily available. On my return to New Zealand I found I couldn’t buy it. So I made my own. I like some Tahina in the mix and I got sick of desperately searching for a Tahina recipe every time I wanted ...