Montego Surprise – Otherwise Known as “Joan’s Ruin”

A fabulous cocktail which was the highlight of my leaving party from New Zealand. Joan Prentice was serving it all night. We called it “Joan’s Ruin” and “Joan’s Revenge” but Joan told me its real name is “Montego Surprise”. The recipe and words are Joan’s.

Montego Surprise - Otherwise Known as "Joan’s Ruin"

Joan Prentice
Serve if you want your group to be loose and in the mood for dancing.


  • 1 measure of mango juice
  • 3/4 or 2/3 measure of alcohol white rum & gin
  • 1 banana nice and ripe, with freckles
  • Lots of ice.


  • Blend it all together.
  • Yum!


A bit loose (like you, after you have drunk several?) No, seriously, the ingredients change a bit, depending on what fruit and what juices I have in the cupboard, but I will tell you what we used on Saturday.
Vary quantity depending on how humorous you want the group to get. I used mainly gin and just topped it up with rum, but that was because the rum was dark rum. I would mainly use equal measures of white rum and gin.
A nice variation is white rum mixed with a coconut cocktail (like Coco Ribe), which is itself white Rum mixed with Coconut Water. I dribble in some Coconut cream for added flavour.
Depending on the quantity of drink you are making, add more bananas. For a blender full, I usually use 2 bananas. Make sure they are nice and ripe (with freckles on them).
Pawpaws and pineapples are also an absolutely great fruit to use in these, and nice when you also use all three together (with the bananas I mean).

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