Grilled Chicken with Mayonnaise and Pesto

Simple dish I had at Barista cafe in Palmerston North. Don’t overcook the chicken like I did the first time. The mayo mixture has to be “drippable”.

Grilled Chicken with Mayonnaise and Pesto
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  1. Chicken fillets, in bite sized portions
  2. Large leaves of salad greens (for example, a variety of lettuce leaves)
  3. Mayonnaise
  4. Plain, unsweetened Yoghurt
  5. Water
  6. Pesto
    1. Grill chicken (personally I do it on the BBQ)
    2. Arrange grilled chicken on greens
    3. Mix mayonnaise, yoghurt and water to get a runny mayonnaise
    4. Drizzle chicken with mayonnaise and pesto
  1. Serve with fresh bread (for example, foccacia)
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