Israeli Salad / Bulgarian Salad

Yummy. Israelis demand salad with every meal. This one is so common it is called an “Israeli Salad”. I really liked Vada’s; she used lots of tomatoes, cucumber and lemon juice and not much else. I don’t bother with croutons. Adding Feta turns an Israeli Salad into a Bulgarian Salad.

Israeli Salad / Bulgarian Salad
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Ingredients for salad
  1. Tomatoes, chopped small
  2. Cucumber, chopped small
  3. Onion, chopped small
  4. Capsicum, chopped small
  5. Optional: Croutons
  6. Optional: Feta
Ingredients for dressing
  1. Lemon juice
  2. Olive oil
  3. Salt – Israeli’s add quite a lot
  4. Pepper
  1. Mix vegetables, croutons and feta
  2. Mix dressing
  3. Pour over vegetables
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