Ornit’s Salad Dressing

Ornit has a couple of good dressings based on lemon. The quantities are a bit vague but the taste is good. Ornit’s Salad Dressing Ornit Haviv Print Recipe Ingredients  1 Lemon juice and flesh scoped out with a spoon2 tablespoons of either Mayonnaise or Olive OilSaltWater Instructions Mix NotesThe Mayonnaise option should be the consistency of Tahina.

Salat Mechouia – Grilled Capsicum and Tomato Salad

Salat Mechouia - Grilled Capsicum and Tomato Salad
Slata Mechouia, a Tunisian cooked salad, is frequently seen as an accompaniment at Saturday lunch in the Haviv household. It is a combined effort from Marie and Robert; Robert does the roasting and Marie the chopping.   Salat Mechouia - Grilled Capsicum and Tomato Salad Marie Haviv Print Recipe Pin Recipe Ingredients  3-6 ripe tomatoes2-6 green capsicums Marie always ...

Aviva’s Salad Dressing

Aviva used to organise big dinner parties in London. 20 South Africans, Galit and me. She did all the catering herself. Everything was fantastic but I only ever managed to steal her recipe for salad dressing before she moved back to South Africa. Aviva's Salad Dressing Aviva Soliman Print Recipe Ingredients  1/2 cup mild olive oil1/2 cup white vinegar4 teaspoons mayonnaise4 teaspoons brown sugar1 tablespoon poppy ...

Fatoush – Vege, Herb and Bread Salad

Fatoush is an Arab salad which includes stale or toasted pita bread. It is a Syrian and Lebanese speciality. Adding the bread just before serving means it is still crisp when put on the table, although originally the idea was for the bread to soak up the dressing so it was mixed in sooner. Fatoush ...

Carrot Salad

One of many carrot salads that I quite like. Carrot Salad Print Recipe Ingredients  4 carrots julienne style (about 350 grams)3 tablespoons fresh coriander chopped1 tablespoon ground coriander1/2 - 1 lemon juice onlysalt Instructions Mix

Israeli Salad / Bulgarian Salad

Israeli Salad / Bulgarian Salad
Yummy. Israelis demand salad with every meal. This one is so common it is called an “Israeli Salad”. I really liked Vada’s; she used lots of tomatoes, cucumber and lemon juice and not much else. I don’t bother with croutons. Adding Feta turns an Israeli Salad into a Bulgarian Salad. Israeli Salad / Bulgarian Salad ...

French/Italian Vinaigrette

Once at Sean and Sue Dick’s their brother in law Ken – a professional chef – gave me some advice on Vinaigrette. Apparently 1:2 vinegar to oil is classic French, whereas, 1:3 is classic Italian.  French/Italian Vinaigrette Ken 1:2 vinegar to oil is classic French, whereas, 1:3 is classic Italian. Print Recipe Ingredients  1 part Vinegar Ken uses ...

Citrus Salad

My mum makes this salad when she putting on a buffet. Citrus Salad Lorraine Alston Print Recipe Ingredients  3 oranges sliced1 small onion sliced1 tablespoon white wine vinegar1 tablespoon oil1 tablespoon chivesblack pepperwater cress Instructions layer slices of orange and onionmix vinegar, oil, chives and pepperpour dressing over oranges and oniongarnish with water cress

Afghani Salad

As with all my Afghani recipes, this one came from Roqiah. Afghani Salad Roqiah Akrami Print Recipe Ingredients  LettuceTomatoesCucumberCeleryFresh coriander can replace with parsley and/or a tiny bit mintNatural yoghurtSmall amount white vinegar Instructions Chop vegetables small like coleslaw.Mix in yoghurt and vinegarServe on big flat plate.

Brian’s Japanese, Irish, American Potato Salad

Brian seemed to just throw a whole bunch of things together, but it worked. That particular flat always used North American style Mayonnaise, and like Bee and Simon’s Potato Salad, this seems to make a difference. The result of Brian’s seemingly random concoction is a tasty mix of Japanese / Irish / American flavours.   ...