Medieval Feast

Wow. 3+ hours to make. This is what I served up to a bunch of historically minded friends.

It relies on you having the appropriate recipe book – in my case this is Barbara Santich’s book (1995).

The main course(s) included:

Fresh bread
Vegetable (Zucchini with fennel or asparagus with shallots)
Fish (Escabeche or Fish with Herbs)
Roast Chicken (Lemon and garlic flavour is nice)
Cameline sauce
Ginger and almond sauce
White garlic sauce
Lettuce and herb salad

Blanche Mange (didn’t go down too well with my guests but I liked it)
Pastries and/or fruit


Santich, B. (1995). The Original Mediterranean Cuisine: Medieval recipes for today. Wakefield Press.

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